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Ad Focused is excited to announce our self serve programmatic DSP and SSP platform for display and mobile banners as well as POPs. For Video preroll we have a managed solutions with real time reporting for all our publishers.

Our self serve programmatic platform offers highly customizable targeting solutions, site/domain targeting, retargeting, white and black lists and so much more! There are no monthly minimums and no yearly commitments!

Allow us to help you get quality traffic for your campaigns.

Contact me for more information on our self serve DSP/SSP, as well as managed Video preroll, to get your account activated!

Ad Focused Network Details
Network Type: CPM
Supported Ad Formats: Banner, Pop Up, Video, Native
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Frequency: NET60
Payment Methods: Paypal
Contact Number: +1 818 533 2331
Contact Email: [email protected]

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Ad Focused Payment Proof

Ad Focused Review and Payment Proof

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