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Ad-Maven pays more than any other ad network thanks to its advanced optimization technology. Ad-Maven holds 25 years of experience. Offering a large number of monetization methods (such as Popup, Popunder, Banners, lightbox, interstitial, slider and more), Ad-Maven is able to maximize publishers’ revenue and get the highest CPM rates for your entire inventory.

Once you register to our self-serve platform you will be approved immediately and be able to present ads on your website by simply pick your preferred ad type and configure it to any specification you require. Ad-Maven approve instantly all self-service user registrations. No minimum traffic requirements.

Ad-Maven also enable you to Bypass all ad-block extensions and therefore increase your revenue by another 35%.

Ad-Maven offer advertisers over 600 Million full screen ads daily impressions to promote their brands. Highly advanced and detailed self-serve platform is at your disposal to launch your campaigns in minutes, using high quality targeting to reach the right audience.

Ad-Maven holds partnerships with hundreds of networks and direct advertisers while serving over 2000 publishers.

Ad-Maven payment methods are Payoneer, Paypal, wire transfer and Bitcoin. Ad-Maven payment terms are Net0, Net15, Net30. All website types are accepted including Adult traffic. Traffic from all GEOS is accepted.

Ad-Maven self-serve platform was designed to be user friendly and accommodate every publisher. The platform does not require any guide and navigation is simple and quick. All statistics are shown in in your panel with data updating all the time.

Ad-Maven Network Details
Network Type: CPM, POP
Supported Ad Formats: Banner, PopUp, PopUnder, Lightbox, Interstitial, Slider
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Frequency: NET0, NET15, NET30
Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin
Contact Number: +972546651475
Contact Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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Ad-Maven Payment Proof

Ad-Maven Review and Payment Proof

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  1. jewkidd says:

    hello am Aaron ceo of,thanks for the update ,however i dont understand the figures within my dashboard,does the below figures mean,am close to 1000usd?

  2. Brownsword says:

    I face a problem about a year ago the AdSense could not be installed. Had to search for similar options. Ad Maven was a good choice. Relevant CPM, payments in time.

  3. Aki Irinom says:

    Could not find a proper pop up network similar to Google Ad Sense for a long time, cause Adsense was not able to be installed on my websites. I was recommended to try Ad Maven at one of the forums, so I started to use it. CPM rates are high enough. Support works well.

  4. Thanks To your advise

  5. Silvano Ruffo says:

    Ad Maven is perfect for mixed traffic.

  6. Lars says:

    Works well to me. Using them along with Adsence since early 2016. The only thing I disappointed with them – lack of payment options.

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