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Adcash is a global real-time advertising trading platform that delivers maximum exposure for advertisers and a simple, effective way for publishers to make money. Adcash has 200 million unique visitors per day and delivers over 5.2 million conversion per month globally.

Editor’s Review About AdCash

AdCash is a leading advertising network and monetization solution for publishers that helps them to maximize their revenue, by displaying only the most relevant ads for their valuable audience. AdCash provides all types of advanced tools and services which are useful for publishers to increase their website earnings dynamically. Also, they support cross-platform monetization hence, many publishers are using this platform to monetize their website, mobile app and videos traffic. AdCash delivers 100% fill rates with competitively higher eCPM rates in the market, their ads quality are good and they have a wide range of high-performing premium ad formats for publishers.

Joining AdCash as a publisher is an easy task to do, you can signup on their network by using below link. Before signing up you should know that AdCash doesn’t asked for specific traffic requirements, and they accepts almost every websites but that website should updated with fresh, unique and high-quality content. While reviewing any new application if they found any website promoting any kind of illegal or objectionable content then that application gets rejected immediately. AdCash has world-class reports analytics system with 100% transparency, that gives you a real-time statistics and revenue reports of your website by ensuring accuracy. The publisher can also create and manage new ad units for their website using the same dashboard.

AdCash Network Details
Network Type: CPC, CPM, PPC, CPA, CPV
Supported Ad Formats: Banner Ads, Display Ads, Pop Up, In-App, In-Stream
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Methods: Card Payment, PayPal , Payoneer , Skrill , Webmoney , Wire Transfer
Contact Number: Not Available
Contact Email: [email protected]

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AdCash Payment Proof

AdCash Review and Payment Proof

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