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Earnify is a self-serve native advertising platform with widgets that can be placed in the side-bar, under content, above content, exit popup and a time-delayed popup. You are able to choose what rating, category, text style and size, and how many ads you wish to be displayed when creating or editing a widget.

Reporting for widgets is organized by widget, website, country, platform and source. Sources allow you to differentiate the traffic your website(s) receive, i.e. you can create a “Facebook” source which will show you how much of your traffic comes from Facebook, while also recording all other information such as number of clicks, impressions, CTR, EPC, and RPM. All data is reported in real-time, so you are able to see what happens, when it happens.

If you run into any issues, Earnify has a built-in support system that is available at anytime, with a dedicated team able to help you whenever you need help.

Earnify Network Details
Network Type: CPC
Supported Ad Formats: Native Ads, Pop Up
Minimum Payout: $20
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Methods: Payoneer
Contact Number: Not Available
Contact Email: [email protected]

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Earnify Payment Proof

Earnify Review and Payment Proof

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  1. I’ve Joined Earnify, please tell me do they pay on time every time?

    • James says:

      Yes I get paid on time every month, last month was a little less than I expected because I had some invalid activity they had to refund to advertisers, but that is okay because I did have some unusual traffic at the start of the month.

  2. Mutlu says:

    It is certainly not a strong and reliable company. Stay away and you will be a victim like me.
    The last time I wrote this article, they still did not answer.

    Earnify Authorities;
    Please reply to what you wrote.

    I’ve been writing to you for days.
    I have not received any feedback from you.

    1q4bLoMla Payment ID $ 1,152.80 on June 30, 2017. Today is the day before July 26, 2017

    So it’s been about 1 month, but I still have not got paid.
    I wrote this problem to you, but I did not get an answer.
    1- Why do I know you have not paid?
    2- I wrote to the support section on the site or your email addresses separately. Why do not you answer?

    This victim you have lived with us; It is very clear that you are not a solid and reliable company.

    If payment is not made immediately; I will express this everywhere in the advertising mall, especially payoneer. I will especially be a negative reference to you.

    Without prejudice to our legal rights; I want our earnings to pass through the account immediately.

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