Which is best ad network for asian traffic?

Asked By Amar Sharma On Dec 31, 2016 | 1243 Views | 1 Answer

Hi everyone, i have just started blogging 6 months ago and now it generates over 3000+ pageviews every day. My blog is all about stories. The audiance on my blog are mainly from asian countries.
I want to apply for some best ad networks. But I’m confuse between them. Please suggest me some best network for my blog. And also which type of network should I chose. please suggest something best.

One Answer

  1. Hi Amar,

    It seems like you’re having entertainment kind of blog with decent amount of asian traffic, so i’ll suggest you to monetize your blog with google adsense along with popads or popcash which delivers one of the best cpm rates for asian traffic. all the best 🙂

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