How much could google adsense generate for my website?

Asked By Michael On Dec 31, 2016 | 1146 Views | 1 Answer

Hi, I have 1 year old technology blog getting 5k+ visits per month. I applied for AdSense 1 month ago but got rejected due to insufficient content. So I started using another ad network. Now, As the pageviews increasing on my blog I m Planning to apply again to Google Adsense. But, wondering how much more could it pay compared to my current ad network.

One Answer

  1. Hi Michael,

    It totally depends on your website traffic and user location. if your website is getting decent amount of traffic from tier 1 countries like USA, Canada etc then you can make around 4-5$ for 1000 views. Also, you can use other ad networks like propeller ads, chitika or infolinks to make additional income from your website.

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