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Google Adsense is very popular advertising network which is an official product of reputed and largest search engine Google, Inc. Google Adsense was officially launched by Google on 18 June 2003 which is now rank #1 adverting network in the industry. Currently, more than 3 Million publishers and advertisers are working with them. Google Adsense makes a lot of different types of advertisements available for both their publishers and advertisers such as banner ads, mobile ads, video ads (mostly used on YouTube). Google Adsense have plenty of premium advertisers and the Adsense is very active about the quality of ads they do not accept any scam, fraud or malicious ads or promote them.

Because of such high-class advertisements and services, google Adsense never had a shortage of publishers. Every newbie blogger has a dream of using Adsense as a monetization tool for their blog or website, but getting approved by Adsense is a bit difficult but not impossible. The only thing you need is a website or blog with high-quality unique content, there is no minimum traffic requirement but make sure that your domain is 6 months old and does not used for any illegal activity before. Google Adsense is very serious about their policies they can ban your account permanently without any warning if they found any suspicious activity on your account. So if you are Adsense publisher be sure that your website doesn’t violate Adsense policies.

Ever google Adsense was giving highest eCPM rates in the industry. If you have a huge amount of traffic from search engines and your visitors are from tier 1 countries like USA and Canada then you can earn more than $4 for 1000 impressions with google Adsense. You can place maximum 5 ad units of google Adsense on a single page but putting 5 ad units on a single page can reduce your CTR rate. so my suggestion is, do not put more than 2 ad units on a single page. you can also increase your CTR by using (336×280, 300×250, 160×600) sizes of ads. Basically, google Adsense pays 68% of revenue with the publisher and rest 32% amount they keep for themselves. 90% of employees working at google Adsense are bots and remaining 10% are humans hence their support system are not that active. but if you have any doubts and questions about google Adsense you can ask them in our comment box below.

Google AdSense Network Details
Network Type: CPC, CPM
Supported Ad Formats: Banner, Video
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Methods: Cheque, Wire Transfer
Contact Number: +1-855-331-2683
Contact Email: [email protected]

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Google AdSense Payment Proof

Google AdSense Review and Payment Proof

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