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LinkBucks is an advanced URL shortening service that enables publishers to shorten their long website links for free, and make some good money for attracting visitor on that links. They are 100% legit and one of the trusted URL shortening services which pay their users on time. They provide best URL shortening service as well as variety useful monetization tools for their publishers. LinkBucks delivers industry leading eCPM rates for traffic from all countries, where publisher can make around $1-4 for 1000 unique impression on their shorten links, sometimes there are an up and downs in rates because of traffic location. Publishers can get higher eCPM rates by providing real traffic, please do not provide fake/bots traffic on your shorten links if you don’t want to get your account banned.

LinkBucks has quick signup process hence anyone can join them as a publisher, you just need to confirm an email address at linkbucks and then you are ready to shorten your long URLs and start making money. Shorten links can be promoted on any platform like public forums, social medias, and personal blogs, there is no need of website or domain to start making money with LinkBucks. LinkBucks has transparent and innovative report analytics system where publishers can track and monitor statistics of all shorten URLs and also can create new shorten link by using the same dashboard. LinkBucks also offers one of the best affiliate programs for all users, where users can refer a new publisher at linkbucks with their unique affiliate link and get 20% commission of referred publisher’s earnings for a lifetime.

LinkBucks Network Details
Network Type: URL Shortner
Supported Ad Formats: Link Locker , Interstitial Ads , Direct Link , Pop-Under , Intermission
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Frequency: Daily
Payment Methods: PayPal , Payoneer
Contact Number: Not Available
Contact Email: [email protected]

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LinkBucks Payment Proof

LinkBucks Review and Payment Proof

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