StableHits Review

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StableHits is a demand-side platform that specializes in providing high-quality traffic to website owners. Instead of providing tons of complicated targeting options, they offer multiple traffic plans on their website and automatically send traffic based on the website’s niche.

All traffic is sold at a $0.25 CPM rate. A majority of the traffic provided by StableHits is from the United States. Every plan offered is billed on a monthly basis and guarantees a minimum amount of daily visitors. AdReviser readers are being offered a 30-day trial of the services. You can use the coupon code “ADREVISER” to get a 30-day trial of any plan that offers up to 10,000 visitors per day.

StableHits Network Details
Network Type: CPM, POP
Supported Ad Formats: Popup, Popunder, Popover, Poptab

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StableHits Payment Proof

StableHits Review and Payment Proof

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