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Supersonic is a leading mobile advertising technology platform, that helps developers to grow their business and increase their revenue by building great app inventory. Supersonic is a fastest growing company which works with the world’s top developers and brand advertisers. Developers can monetize their non-paying users by serving high-quality video ads, interstitials and offer-walls bundled in a single lightweight SDK, which can be get integrated in minutes and run on their fully self-served platforms like android, iOS, unity etc.

Supersonic delivers competitive premium eCPMs and global high fill-rate for beautiful high-performing ad formats, that engage your app users and significantly increase your profits yield by using advanced ad network mediation. In supersonic ad network publishers can get full control and visibility of all real-time ad engagements reports and network insights from one intuitive dashboard. All this data can help developers to keep building a better quality app experience and optimizing their apps for higher revenue effectively.

Supersonic Network Details
Network Type: CPA , CPI
Supported Ad Formats: Mobile , Interstitial Ads , Video Ads
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Frequency: NET45
Payment Methods: PayPal , Wire Transfer
Contact Number: 972 0 77 7165 023
Contact Email: [email protected]

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Supersonic Payment Proof

Supersonic Review and Payment Proof

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