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Vibrant Media is a well-known digital advertising network that enables website publishers to monetize their content with high-quality in-text advertisements. Publishers get full control over ads units without any limitations. Also, they can customize their own ad units as per their needs. Vibrant Media provides almost all types of useful monetization tools and services that every website publisher needs to maximize his revenue. They have a wide range of high-performing ad formats such as display ads, in-text ads, and related post ads, those professional looking ads might increase your CTR dynamically. Vibrant Media usually delivers highest CPC and CPM rates among their competitors in the market, sometimes rates might be up to five times higher than others.

Vibrant Media is a game of big players because its very difficult for small publishers to match their minimum traffic requirements which are 500,000 pageviews every month. Hence, they couldn’t monetize their sites with Vibrant Media’s ad program. Also, Vibrant Media has very strict terms and conditions for their publishers, where publisher only with high-quality websites and good content get approved. If your website contains or promotes any kind of adult, gambling or drugs related illegal stuff then your application gets immediately rejected. You can still try to apply for your website by using below link. If you got approved then you can see that Vibrant Media has one of the best reports analytics system, where publishers can get all their real-time website statistics and revenue reports from one powerful dashboard without any interruption.

Vibrant Media Network Details
Network Type: CPC , CPM
Supported Ad Formats: Display Ads, Light Box, In-Text, In-Image, Revenue Share, Related Ads
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Frequency: NET45
Payment Methods: PayPal , Cheque
Contact Number: +1 888 321 8427
Contact Email: [email protected]

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Vibrant Media Payment Proof

Vibrant Media Review and Payment Proof

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